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Good Fit for You?




Is this field trip program a good match for you?

Here are some things to consider to help you answer this question:

  • Regular attendance at the 10 (or 5) outings gives you the most benefit, plus it integrates you into the community. Of course, vacations and other events can intervene. Can you attend most of them?
  • Outings will vary in the physical demands made on participants but you should be able to walk five miles (with stops along the way) and do a moderate elevation hiking climb of 800 feet
  • You'll provide appropriate clothing, water, food, and other items such as binoculars as needed for particular outings.
  • You'll be asked to sign a liability waiver and take responsibility for your physical well-being on the outings.
  • Our learning community will explore the ecology of the East Bay on many levels--the facts of science and local history, first-hand knowledge of animals and plants, and the ways we humans can form a better community relationship with all species.


General Program Themes:

Each individual species has a niche to fill, a role to play, and life lessons to offer all the others in the Earth Community.

Everything is connected - How do different species interact with other parts of the web of life in the East Bay, influence each other and function as a whole?

What have been the consequences for wildlife and plants of the ecological "footprint" of humans who have lived here over time?

Questions for contemplation:

How can we humans get beyond seeing open space as only for our own enjoyment?

How do we begin to develop a sense of community with other species?

How do we humans become conscious enough to embrace wildlife corridors, wetlands and flyways as important for their own sake?

Our Learning Community

We learn from experience and each other through:

  • visits to places that are prime learning places for the program's theme of It's All Connected
  • hands-on activities at these places that deepen our sensory awareness of nature (voluntary)
  • Field trips that allow time for personal and group attunement to place and include opportunities to share with the group what we've experienced and love about wildlife.

We'll identify activities/places in the bioregion where we can be involved in ongoing ways to apply what we learn.


Oakland Museum of California / Oakland Zoo

Bay Nature magazine /  Lindsay Wildlife Museum

EarthTeam Environmental Network


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